Stephen Pechon

Artist, Owner

Making your custom glass memorial is
a trusted and spiritual process.

Design and Creation

How it's done from start to finish...

Once you have decided to work with me to create your custom art glass memorial keepsake jewelry, choose the design and style you would like. I offer special prices for multiple keepsakes on an order.

As soon as your order is placed, I will send you a kit so you can send your ashes. The kit will contain two industrial zip type bags with a label to clearly identify it as yours. In most cases I will only need about a quarter teaspoon of ashes for your order. It will also contain a return Tyvek "Virtually
Indestructable" envelope with priority postage attached. Priority US mail has tracking number that you detach and keep for your records. This is now your order number that will be used to track and process your entire order.

Then we can work together to make yours a custom work of art. Contact me to arrange a special time to work one on one in person or over the phone. I want you to feel confident throughout the entire process that you are being heard.

Once you package arrives I will label and put the package in a lock box. Only one order will be worked on at a time to ensure no ashes are ever mixed. At all times I will treat you and yours with honor and respect. When your order is completed the unused ash will be returned to you, or if you wish I will spread the remainder at the Oregon coast, redwoods or in the mountains, as you prefer.

All pendants come standard with a black leather necklace cord and silver tone metal clasp and packaged in a hinged jewelry box suitable for any gift giving occasion. Upgrades to gold and silver are available, also.

Occasionally accidents happen. If for any reason a piece is not of an acceptable quality, any glass containing your ash will be returned to you. I will make a pendant of my design and give it to you at no charge. All ash is your SACRED property and I promise to always treat it that way.

Please bear in mind that each item is custom made and variations WILL occur. I always strive to create heirloom quality jewelry. If you are not satisfied with your memorial or your experience, please contact me, and I will do what I can to make it right.

Again, I will ship your order back to you Priority Mail with a tracking number and I will call or e-mail you when it ships.

Stephen Pechon

Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of my business.

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