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Making your custom glass memorial is
a trusted and spiritual process.

Custom (Part B) - 1st Color, 2nd Color & Hanger and Chain

Presented below are a sampling of my standard designs each by name. These give an idea of the shapes and design styles of mixing the glass and ashes to form your memorial. Your Sacred Glass Memorial comes standard with a round black leather necklace with silver tone clasp and presented in a hinged black jewelry box. Feel free to seach by Categories (Shapes), by Product Groups (Ash Application), or by Topic ( Size) Once you find a design style that you like you may choose one or two color options, as well as special hanger and chain options.

Custom (Part B) - 1st Color, 2nd Color & Hanger and Chain
Custom (Part B) - 1st Color, 2nd Color & Hanger and Chain
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For a custom order please add BOTH

Custom - part A (Shape, Size, and Ash Application)


Custom - part B (First Color, Second Color, and Bail & Chain)

to the shopping cart.


I will contact you to go over your custom memorial order with you to discuss and verify what you want before starting any work to create it.


As Shown:

Choose First Color
Choose Second Color
Choose Bail and Chain



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As soon as your order is placed, I will send you a kit so you can send your ashes. The kit will contain two industrial zip type bags (double bag for added safety) with a label to clearly identify it as yours. In most cases I will only need about a quarter teaspoon of ashes for your order. It will also contain a return Tyvek "Virtually Indestructible" envelope with priority postage attached. Priority US mail has a tracking number that you detach and keep for your records. This is now your order number that will be used to track and process your entire order.

Stephen Pechon

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